How to Build a Website With SBI

SBI stands for Site Build It. This is my story on how to build a website with this amazing company and the magical power of CTPM.

Watch out though....building your own website can be very frustrating!!

In the beginning...

Its funny sometimes that your life can take a whole new direction when you least expect it. Sometimes it is bumping into someone or reading something that gets you moving in a different direction.

That moment came for me when my dear friend told me that I should find a way to share my knowledge in nutrition, and my experience in the weight loss industry, with more people. He was encouraging me to use my talents and skills to be 'the best that I could be'. Later that night I began to think...

I was feeling a little 'under utilized' at the time, I had been managing a weight loss clinic for a few years. I didn't totally agree with the philosophy of the company and felt that I should return to my entrepreneurial roots. I really envied those who had achieved financial freedom and had found satisfaction in working from home. I pondered my future and thought yes ..I am going to build a fabulous website.

But the thought of building a website bought back disappointing memories.

How not to build a website....

Ten years ago, Shortly after becoming a holistic nutritionist, my sister in law volunteered to build me a website. I took her up on her offer and sent my pages to post along with a list of my services and contact information.

My artistic mother even painted beautiful pictures of fruits and vegetables to decorate the site. Wow...did my website ever look good!

I sat back waiting for internet business to roll in. I had no clue about building traffic or search engine optimization let alone affiliate programs, networking and identifying key words.

I assumed that people would just find me and would want to hire me as their personal health coach.

Weeks passed and I wondered why on earth my phone didn't ring and why no emails?...didn't people know how easily I could help them transform their lives through nutrition?

I now understand that most webmasters actually do the same thing: they merely 'put up' beautifully designed sites and expect results. Their website visitors end up being friends and family members who pat them on the back and say 'good job'.

I did briefly think about doing a blog instead of a website, everybody seems to have their own blog nowadays. But I watched Blog or Website? and quickly changed my mind.

Blog or Build an SBI! Site

My website wishlist...

If I was going to build a website again, I decided that I needed a tremendous amount of guidance for minimal cost. I knew I had the content nailed, but I still hadn't got a clue about anything else.

I began to think about what would make my site successful and came up with the following:

  • TRAFFIC - lots of targeted visitors
  • CONTROL - I need to be my own webmaster
  • A GOOD NICHE - nutrition is just too broad a topic
  • FOCUSED CONTENT- what information do people really want?
  • PRODUCTS- monetarize with products I personally recommended
  • SUPPORT NETWORK- for all my questions and dilemmas
  • INCOME- I needed to become financially independent
  • I must admit I did feel overwhelmed, my wish list seemed virtually impossible to achieve. I knew what I wanted to do, but not how to get there. I certainly wasn't going to make the same mistakes as last time.

    The fact that I was not 'Internet savvy' and was seriously technologically challenged seemed to make matters worse.But my computer whiz friend, kept on encouraging me. He just laughed at me when I hysterically told him “....there is NO way I could possibly build a site by myself....I know NOTHING...”

    Then I stumbled on an SBI video....

    I started looking at sites on the internet and reading about how people like me were building them. I discovered a cool and funny video called I LOVE SBI. At the end of the video I clicked a link which took me to a page written by the founder of SBI: Ken Evoy. The page was called Site Build it.


    More than a web host...

    I'm not easily sold, so I took my time clicking link after link. They talked about SBI being more than site building and web hosting, but more about building a real business from home. They described how their members came from all walks of life: stay at home moms, retirees and people who just wanted to quit their jobs and find true fulfillment as an entrepreneur.

    I watched The First Day of the Rest of My Life and imagined my site listed on the first page of google.

    First Day Of The Rest Of Your Life

    Fortunately, I knew my future site would be about nutrition but I hadn't identified a niche... they had lots of ideas. SBI'ers said that we all have a passion and we are all knowledgeable about something. In fact, anybody can build a successful website. All you have to do is decide what your passion is: golf, gardening, food, herbs, juggling, wedding cakes, travel...and find your audience.

    SBI has apparently helped people build tens of thousands of sites. If you already have a business or have a service to sell, SBI said they can help you get better results.

    I read the traffic clip and was impressed to hear that 65% of SBI sites were in the top 3% of all sites on the web. This is where I wanted to be, could they really help me build a website?

    SBI! Traffic Test

    I watched their Special Prize clip and that is when I got really inspired..I can do this!

    I wanted to hear more from successful website owners so I watched their I love SBI clip and watched videos about Elad, Tomaz, Josephine, Carla and many others. These were normal everyday people describing their SBI journey and how they built their websites. They were a proud, happy and financially successful bunch of SBI'ers.

    I Love SBI!

    Is SBI a credible business??

    Credibility is also important, so I began digging deeper and found out that SiteSell is indeed a reputable, trustworthy company that has been in business since 1997.

    I wanted to find out what the media thought about SBI, if it was such a great company, then surely there were interviews and news reports that would clarify their credibility? I found some great information on a Media clip.



    I'm not one to worry, but as we get older I couldn't help but think about building a business on line that would look aftermy financial interests. Sounds silly to think about that now, but I do want to travel and do so many things that I've postponed over the years. So I read the Retire page and thought to myself...I have my health, wouldn't it be wonderful to have financial freedom when I'm older. I can enjoy fulfilling my 'bucket list'.

    Retire To Something

    SBI is an online E course...

    Perhaps the best part about SBI was that they promised to teach me everything I needed to know to be successful. I had given up control with my first 'website disaster' and I certainly didn't have thousands of $$ to invest in the services of fancy web designers. I read the clip about SBI being an online course in E business. This was exactly what I wanted..a simple but detailed course that gave me the 'good stuff' step by step and filtered out all the noise.

    SBI! Course

    Exactly what was I going to get with SBI?

    I still wasn't exactly sure what I would be purchasing, it all sounded wonderful but I was still a little confused as to what I was actually going to receive. I found a list on their Tools page, it all looked so 'do able', my confidence was growing...I COULD build a website.

    SBI! Tools

    SBI is a community....

    By now my hand was in my pocket and I was ready to build a website with SBI and start a new chapter in my life, what did I have to lose??
    I did check out their face book page and found it encouraging that Ken Evoy, the originator of SBI, was so involved with the people. It is like SBI is his baby...he wants to have the BEST company out there and the BEST experience for his members. I liked that.

    Ken's daughter, Nori even has her own site about her favorite island called Anguilla. She started it at 14, with Dads help, and today makes an amazing monthly income.

    Ken also encourages everyone to give back to the 'newbies' on the forums, this was important for me because I knew I was going to need lots of advice and didn't want to spend hours searching for answers.

    Now SBI does offer website building, design and coaching services which are reasonably priced, just in case you didn't want to do it all yourself. All you need to do is ask for SBI Services. But there is tons of helpful information floating around on SBI facebook , SBI FORUMS and their BLOG. You can even submit your site for a 'site review' where senior SBI'ers take the time to give you their feedback.

    SiteSell Facebook

    SBI Freebies....

    At this point, the decision to go with SBI as my web host and builder had already been made, it was a definite yes.

    However, I did question myself: would I be able to set aside enough time to build a website? I decided that even if it took me a year to build, I was going to do it properly,and slowly just like the SBI tortoise mascot.

    I downloaded some SBI freebies such as the Affiliate Masters Course and Make Your Content Pre Sell.

    Affiliate Masters Course

    I also decided to join their AFFILIATE PROGRAM. I didn't need to build a website to do this, I just wanted to be part of their company in one form or another.

    Affiliate Signup

    I finally bought 2 sites for $299.00!!!

    Three weeks later, I called SBI with a few final Questions and placed my ORDER . At that time, SBI was running a special where I could buy one site and get one free for a grand total of $299.00. So guess what...I bought 2 sites!

    SBI! Order Page

    That was seven months ago, and I have never regretted a thing. I built this site for $299.00 completely by myself, and have not paid a penny more. Well that is a little white lie, I really built the site with the help of the SBI community.

    I am now at the critical 30 page milestone and have just begun to monetarize the site with affiliate programs of my choosing. This is how I make my income from this site, with every sale I receive a little piece of the pie!

    While this site is still young, my goal is to build 100 pages within the next six months. My traffic is steadily increasing weekly and I am confident that as I build more great pages and begin working on linking, the 'snowball effect' will come.

    Are you ready to build your own website and become financially independent doing what you love?

    Note: If you do decide to join Solo Build It, I will support you as much as possible through free phone and email consultations. If you live locally in Stratford, drop by for a cup of tea and a chat.

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    Katrina Rees-Evans RHN,HNC,BA is a practicing Holistic Nutritionist with over 23 years experience in the Natural Health Industry in Canada.

    Katrina currently manages a successful health and weight loss clinic in Ontario and has successfully coached over 1100 clients to better health.

    katrina rees-evans

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