About Katrina...

katrina rees-evans

I grew up in a small village in Sussex, England and moved to Canada with my family when I was 18 years old.

I went to Mac Master university in Canada for 4 years and discovered my passion for learning, I fell in love with books and graduated with a degree in Political Science. I was surprised to find out that I had made it onto the deans honour's list, I had never been particularly 'bright' in high school.

My health was never very good...

While Growing up, I remember I was not a healthy child. I was often in bed with burning fevers and infections. I struggled with asthma, ecxema, and a weak immune system.

The village nurse used to visit my home weekly to inject my buttocks with medication, I never knew what it was and neither did my parents. Who thought to ask?? It was supposed to be medication to prevent an asthma attack, I now think it was probably an antibiotic of sorts.

The result of this injected medication was to send my body into fungus overdrive. I developed systemic Candida throughout my body which I didn't fully understand until later on in life. All I knew was that at the time, I didn't feel well.

My cravings for sugar were unbelievable, I ate candy, candy, candy... all the time. The 'sweetie' stores in England were the best... I used to be a very good customer. By the time I was 14 years old, I had a mouthful of large mercury fillings.

I remember going to college at 16 years old and wondering why did I feel so bad, why was I tired, bloated and 'spaced' out all the time?

Discovering Food as my medicine...

It wasn't until I was in my late 20s that I discovered a wonderful book written by Marilyn and Harvey Diamond called 'Fit For Life'. It was a book based on eating an abundance of natural whole foods, with particular emphasis on fresh fruits and veggies. I carried that book around like a bible and read it over and over again.

I juiced fresh fruit and vegetables morning, noon and night, and ate more healthy foods than I'd ever eaten before. I began to feel 'alive' and energetic, my hair began to shine, my skin glowed and I lost 15 lbs very quickly.

Even my husband began to feel better, his chronic IBS problems totally disappeared. I was amazed at the difference our diet had on our health.

Green drinks, flax seeds, spelt , kamut, sea salt, fresh herbs, olive oil and green tea became staples in our kitchen. I got excited every time I went to the local health food store, I must have driven the owners mad with my list of questions. I couldn't understand... why hadn't anyone told me about the power of food before?

I read every book on health and nutrition that I could lay my hands on and went back to school and studied to became a holistic nutritionist. I graduated top of the class. Finally I had found my 'passion' in life.

It did take a while to get rid of systemic Candida, I had all my leaky mercury fillings replaced and did a restrictive Candida diet for a year. I also took Dr. Cass Ingrams oil of Oregano every day.

Getting the 'hands on' experience...

I opened my own business and began delivering health seminars in and around Toronto. I also worked with a large natural health company and worked alongside some fascinating health gurus such as Brenda Watson, Lorna Vanderhague, Dr. Cass Ingrams, Charlie Fox and many others. Their health knowledge and 'pearls of wisdom' are now incorporated in my philosophy of health and healing.

Over the last 10 years, I have witnessed a whole industry of passionate 'people helping people' with natural whole foods, powerful herbs and supplements. I have accumulated a lot of knowledge that I can't wait to share here with you.

I remember Dr. Cass Ingrams came for dinner one night just before delivering his public seminar in Mississauga, Ontario. I had long been a fan of his and knew his publicist well. What a fascinating evening it turned out to be, I fell madly in love with this man! He is controversial, passionate and is not afraid to go “toe to toe” withthose whose main interest is in keeping us sick and unhealthy.

I can't help but get political....

The politics of health and nutrition are scary, but I will save my thoughts for an interesting page later on. It is enough to say that we are over medicated here in North America and our food chain is full of 'crappola'. Should we be surprised that we currently have an epidemic of obesity, heart disease, cancer and diabetes?

Diets and weight loss....

For the past three years I have managed a mainstream Naturopathic weight loss clinc in Manitoba and Ontario. I have thoroughly enjoyed coaching hundreds of clients to better health.

The trials and tribulations of losing weight are many, I have benefited from a deeper understanding of human nature and the power of positive thinking. Many of my clients have becomemore than clients, they've become friends. I thank them dearly for sharing their struggles and in trusting me with their health.

You will find many recipes scattered throughout the site as well as pages on why you can't lose weight, as well as some healthy diet tips that have been collected from my clients. I am also in the process of collecting some inspirational stories from past clients that may help you get motivated with your health journey.

The next chapter....

Six months ago, I was walking around the river with a friend and he said to me kate.... you know you have so much experience and knowledge, you should be sharing it and reaching out to more people.... Later that evening I reflected on the conversation and realized that 'yes '…..I'm going to build a website.

To read the story on how someone as technologically challenged as myself, actually built this site from scratch with minimum cost ...less than $300.00 … and zero, zero help check out this link:

How I built this site, its as easy as eating apple pie!

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